Parent information

Lighthouse runs between 10.30 and 15.30 each day (doors open at 10am).

We welcome all children up to the age of 11 (at 31st August) to attend. Children aged 12 years old and above can come to Lighthouse as Helpers.

Please read our FAQ section below for any questions you may have. If your question is not answered, please contact the Children's Registration Team who will be happy to help.

Have you ever thought about helping at Lighthouse? We are run entirely by volunteers and are always looking for more help. If you can spare a few hours or the whole week please check out our Helpers page for more information.


Can my child attend Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is open to all children subject to ticket availability. We do our best to accomodate all the children that apply but for safety reasons we have to limit numbers, so tickets are allocated on a first come first served basis. Children can register to come to Lighthouse up to 11 years old (on 31st August); when they are 12 or over they can register as helpers. 

I don't live in Great Missenden, can my child still attend?

Yes, all children are welcome subject to ticket availability. Lighthouse also runs in a number of other local towns and villages. You can find your Local Lighthouse on our interactive map.

Do we have to be Christians to attend Lighthouse?

No, all children are welcome. Lighthouse is a Christian based holiday week so the children will be exposed to Christian teaching. 

Do we have to attend church to attend Lighthouse?

No, all children are welcome. Lighthouse is a Christian based holiday week so the children will be exposed to Christian teaching. 

How much does it cost?

Lighthouse makes no charge for children to attend. However, we do have to pay for all the tentage and other equipment that goes towards making Lighthouse such a brilliant experience for the children. So your donations are vital. It costs us £100 per child to put the week on. 

How will my child be looked after at Lighthouse?

Your child will be allocated to a Lighthouse within their age group. This a group of up to 20 children. They are looked after by a Lighthouse Keeper and two or more Lamplighters - typically teenagers. The Lighthouse Keeper and Lamplighters will be with the children in their Lighthouse all day, including lunch time. They will help the children with all the activities during the day. At the end of the day you must collect your child from the Lighthouse Keeper or Lamplighter. Lighthouse Keepers are not allowed to let children go off on their own at any time, including at the end of the day. For this reason it is very useful if you remember the name of the Lighthouse your child is in.

All parents/guardians are issued with an entrance and exit ticket which need to be used to pick up and drop off your child each day.

All helpers that have regulated activity with children and are over the age of 16 are DBS checked.

Can friends be put in the same Lighthouse (group)?

We now pre-allocate children to Lighthouses, so if friends wish to be in the same Lighthouse you should indicate this in the notes field when applying for a place for your child.

We do what we can to keep friends together, but we may impose some limits if a very large group of friends wants to stay together.

Can my child be put in a different age group?

The content of the programme is designed to suit the relevant age group. Occasionally a child may be put into a younger age group if this would seem more suitable. If you wish or need your child to go in an age group below their actual birth age, please contact the Children's Registrations Team. Please note: we cannot put children into an older age group. 

What's the start and finish time?

Helpers need to be on site before 9.30am.

We open the doors for children at 10.00am, please arrive between 10.00 and 10.30am.

Children in the Fours age group have the option of staying for the whole day for collection at 3.30pm, or they may just do a half day and can be collected between 12.35 and 12.45.

Children between 5 and 11 are all collected at 3.30pm.

Toddler Lighthouse (for children under 4) is open from 10.15am, and runs until 12.15. Parents / carers remain with their children at Toddler Lighthouse.

How do I know where to take and collect my child?

Each age group has a designated assembly and collection point. Please refer to the site plan which you can find in the information sent out with your tickets. 

I need to collect my child before the end of the day, what should I do?

If it is essential for you to collect your child before the end of the day you should tell the Lighthouse Keeper and the admin office when you drop your child off in the morning. When you come to collect them you should go to the admin office, where your child will be brought to meet you. Please do not take your child away without telling the Lighthouse Keeper AND the admin office. 

I need to bring my child to Lighthouse late, is that OK?

If you are bringing your child to Lighthouse late (after 10:30am) please go to the admin office where your child will be recorded as present and then taken to join their Lighthouse group. 

I have received tickets for the whole week but my child can only attend for part of the time.

Don't worry, all children are issued with a full set of tickets. If your child can't attend on a particular day you do not need to return the ticket for that day. Please note, all tickets are child specific and cannot be transferred. 

My child can't attend one day, can I use the ticket for another child?

No. Every ticket is issued to a named child and only the named child can use the ticket. If a different child uses the ticket we have no knowledge of health issues or contact details of that child so we are unable to care for them in case of an emergency. 

How will you keep my child safe at Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is organised to ensure that the safety of children entrusted to us is paramount. Before the event the site and all of the activities carried out are assessed for risk in line with our health and safety policy and any significant findings addressed. Our management structure ensures oversight and supervision of helpers at all times. We have a child protection policy that is strictly adhered to and a Designated Safeguarding Lead. There is also back up from church organisations and local authorities. A first aid team is on-site whenever children are present. 

What is the last date I can apply for a place for my child at Lighthouse?

The online registration system normally closes a couple of weeks before Lighthouse. If spaces are still available we may be able to take bookings on site on the Saturday morning immediately prior to Lighthouse. Please note: there is no guarantee that there will still be places available in all age groups. 

How do I get my children’s tickets?

Once the registration team confirms a place for a child the tickets are emailed to you for printing at home.

If you don't receive your tickets within a few days of applying, please contact us here. Please also check your junk/spam folders as sometime are emails go straight there.

Do I need to register my child for toddler Lighthouse?

Toddler Lighthouse is for children under 4 and takes place every morning during Lighthouse week until 12.15. Parents/carers are required to stay with their children. No pre-registration is required, just turn up. 

How do I make a donation to Lighthouse?

Lighthouse does not charge for children to attend but we do need to pay for the marquees and other equipment that help to make Lighthouse such an exciting week. It costs us about £100 per child for the week. These costs are totally funded by donations and fund raising - any donation you can give is greatly appreciated.

You can make a donation to Lighthouse in a number of different ways - visit our Donate web page for full details.

How is Lighthouse governed?

Lighthouse is a registered charity and full details, including the names of trustees, are shown on the Charity Commissions website. Our charity number is 1169296. A management committee, operating under a chairman, treasurer and secretary, organises the event.

How do I apply for a place for my child?

Application for places for children can be made online here from late May. If for any reason you are unable to apply online, please contact the Children's Registration Team.