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This privacy policy concerns the operations of Lighthouse 88 (herein "The Organisation") based in the United Kingdom with registered charity number 1071892 and relates to the use of their website, (herein "the Site"). This privacy policy applies only to the online practices of the Organisation. If you object to any part of this policy, you must not use or access the Site. Use of the site and services provided within imply your acceptance of this policy.

Information we collect

We collect, store and use the following forms of data on the Site:

  • Information used for compiling statistics of people who visit our site including Your IP address, browser, country you are connecting from, referral sites, duration of visit, pages accessed and other similar forms of data (herein "computer and internet connection data"); this information is collected automatically as you access and use the Site
  • Information used for registering with our annual children's Christian Holiday week event, including details such as your name, address, email address, phone numbers, date of birth and Church attendance, and medical issues which could be used to identify, contact and locate you (herein "personal data")
  • Information used for subscribing to our mailing list
  • Information used for registering with the online features of the site, including the forums

Other than computer and internet connection data, you do not need to provide any personal data to access and use many of the features of this site. However, some features require you to provide personal data, and you volunteer this information at your own choice.

Use of your personal data

Your personal data may be used by the Organisation for all the purposes listed above, in addition to:

  • Sending you non-marketing email concerning your use of various features of this site
  • Sending you non-marketing newsletters or other mailings where you have specifically requested these
  • Improving your use of the Site by optimising the Site for your computer
  • Sending to you, by email or post, information relating to any registration to help at the Lighthouse week
  • Contacting you or other individual's whose information you have provided in the event of a medical emergency or other concern during the Lighthouse week
  • Dealing with and contacting you concerning any enquiries or complaints you have made in relation to any part of the Site
  • Contacting the references provided by you in order to process your application

Under no circumstances will the Organisation provide any of your personal data to any third parties for any reason, other than in the case of medical emergency or where required by law. Anonymous computer and internet connection data may be visible to third parties, but this cannot be used to identify or contact you.

Security of your Data

Where possible and appropriate, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology is used to encrypt your data during transfer to our servers. However, any transfer of electronic data carries risk, and we cannot be held responsible for breaches of your data during the transfer process.

Your data may be sent to and stored on servers in other countries, including the United States of America. However, your personal data will not be accessible to anyone from these countries outside of the Organisation, except where required by law.

Once stored, we will take reasonable technical steps to ensure your data is protected against online access by any other parties. However, as we do not physically own the servers where your data will be stored, whilst we aware of the reasonable physical precautions in place to protect your data we cannot guarantee that your personal data will be completely secure from physical access.

Where you have been given a username and password to access parts of the site where your personal data may be stored (for example, in your profile), you must keep these safe and not divulge these to any other parties. In the instance that any other parties become aware of your password through your own actions, the Organisation cannot be held responsible for any resulting breach of your personal data.

Certain members of the Organisation will be allowed access to your personal data for the purpose of processing your registrations or other forms of administration. Only those members who require access to your data for these purposes will be provided with it. These members will be made aware of security precautions to protect your data.

Your rights

Your reserve the right to delete or modify your personal data using your username and password to access restricted parts of the site. You reserve the right to request that other personal data not immediately accessible to you be removed or altered by contacting the Organisation.

Your rights

You reserve the right to request that any personal data about you which we hold be removed or altered by contacting the Organisation.

Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small amount of data that is transferred to your browser by a Web server and can only be read by the server that gave it to you. It functions as your identification card, and enables the Organisation to record your passwords, data, and preferences. It cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses.

This Site does not store any information that would, on its own, allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission. Any cookies that may be used by this Site are used either solely on a per session basis or to maintain user preferences. Cookies are not shared with any third parties.

Changes in Privacy Policy

All personal data that we collect and maintain will be subject to the version of the Privacy Policy in effect at the time of such collection. The Organisation reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole discretion. You will be deemed to have been made aware of, and will be subject to, the changes to the Privacy Policy by your continued use of the Site after such notice has been posted for thirty (30) days with the following exception: If at the time you provide personal information to The Organisation you are given the opportunity (as you currently are) to limit how such personal information will be used to communicate with you, either by the Company or by third parties, the Company will not change your preference without your express consent.

Privacy related enquiries and complaints

If you believe that the Organisation has not maintained the policy as set out here, or have any other enquiry concerning our Privacy Policy or your data specifically, you may contact the Organisation. We may require proof of your identity if your enquiry relates to your personal data specifically.

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