Lighthouse Great Missenden

2019 Craft List

Every year our craft team assembles a mass of materials that are used during Lighthouse week for the children to create the craft items they can take home to remember Lighthouse.

You can help the craft team if you have any of these readily-available items. Put them to one side instead of recycling them, and get them to the craft team.

This year we are in need of the following:

  • Muller corner yogurt pots (thoroughly washed please)
  • Instants gravy pots (cleaned please)
  • Plastic buckets that nibbles/ mini cookies come in
  • 2 litre ice cream boxes (rectangular)
  • Wooden cheese boxes
  • Plain jam jars with lids (thoroughly washed and labels removed please)
  • Large cereal boxes (flattened along the fold lines)
  • Youth sized shirts (for wearing whilst painting)
  • Newspapers

If you can help us with any of these you can either take them to your local church collection point, or contact us using the form HERE. Thanks!